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Clover Mini with WiFi Lower Than Square - FlatRatePay 2.69% - Ships After Signup at FlatRatePay.com


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  • New Merchant Account with SwyftPAY required before item can be shipped; Flat 2.69% rate for all transactions with no additional fees

Details: Flat-rate payments lower than Square. Flat Rate offers a clean, simple rate of 2.69% per transaction for every swipe, dip, and tap (optional Clover register software available). Sale price and shipping requires approved Merchant Account signup. Product will not ship until your new merchant account is approved via online signup at www.SwyftPay.com. Call us with any questions at 1-888-256-8917. Clover Mini software is a secure, EMV-ready, PCI-compliant, feature-rich system. Connect your POS to Clover Mini/Mobile using USB, LAN (Ethernet or WiFi). Access hundreds of apps in the Clover App Market. For use in retail, restaurants, and bars

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