ZOYE Combination Drone Large Backpack Glasses Remote Handle Portable Waterproof Box Storage Bag for Quadcopter Accessories, Waterproof Travel Backpack, Handheld Carrying Case, (Color : 3)


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Brand: ZOYE

Color: 3


  • 1. Large capacity, you can place drones and accessories at will, and also compatible with most digital SLR cameras,
  • 2. There are thin notebooks or other thin objects on the back of the backpack, and a tripod or drinking water can be carried on the side of the backpack,
  • 3. The internal position can be adjusted freely to maximize the use of space.
  • 4. Headphone jack design, connected to the side cloth bag, easy to listen to songs,
  • 5. The interior adopts grid design, which can place some small objects,

EAN: 9011561218033

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