Yd&h Tiffany Style Desk Light,7-inch European Pastoral Rose Warm Table Light with Liberty Goddess Rose, Bedroom Bedside Lamp Living Room Bar Study


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Brand: Yd&h


  • ◆Stained glass lampshade: It is made by traditional hand-welded soldering technique,It has different colors under different light, classical atmosphere when turning off the lights, warm and romantic after turning on the lights.
  • ◆ E27 interface light source: using national standard E27 lamp holder, 3C certification, high flexibility, high light source transmittance, low carbon, environmental protection, energy saving
  • ◆Resin material, the surface of the lamp body is treated with antique copper traditional baking varnish process, uniform color, fine texture and vivid resin carving.
  • ◆ Incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, and LED lamps can be used, It is recommended to use yellow light energy-saving lamps,The warm light bulbs are matched with the colored glass lampshades, and the reflected light will be more warm.
  • ◆ It has a strong artistic sense and decorative effect, especially at night, it will make your living room magically create a romantic atmosphere.

Details: [name]: table lamp
[lamp specifications]: E27 × 1
[Power]: incandescent lamp with 60W energy saving lamp with 10W-15W LED lamp with 5W-7W
[Switch]: Online press
[Shade material]: Stained glass is made by Tiffany traditional handmade soldering process
[Base material]: Zinc alloy base brown surface treated by traditional baking process
[Light source]: Ordinary incandescent lamp (can also use yellow light energy-saving lamp, but the light emitted by incandescent lamp and colored glass lampshade will be more beautiful and romantic)
[Process]: It follows the traditional hand-inlaid process in Europe and America. After cutting, grinding, edging, soldering, dyeing, etc., more than a dozen processes are made.
[Applicable places]: living room, bedroom, bedside, bar, hotel, hotel, etc.
Tip: The product does not contain a light source
●The lighting is made of stained glass, colored glass balls or stained glass. Because the color of the colored glass is colored glass produced by adding special materials during the production process, it is not the day after adding the pigment, so the Tiffany lamp The color is never changed
●The lampshade of the lamp is a purely handmade product. It is made of a piece of colored glass and soldered with a tin wire. The perfect combination of light, color and nature in Tiffany's work makes Tiffany more important to the development of American new art.
★ Customer Service:
1. Due to some uncontrolable factors in the transit, if the light is damaged when you received, please do
not hesitate to contact us, we will reply you in 24 hours and help you with a satisfactory solution.
2. If you have any questions about our product, just feel free to contact us, we would be always glad to help.

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