Key Rack, Key Organizer, 75MGN with 75 Metal Hooks & Nameplate for Dealerships/Realtors/Factories/Offices/Hospitals/Schools/Public Storage (Free 75 Sets of Tag & Ring), D & M in The USA

Stand Company

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Brand: Stand Company

Color: Gray Melamine


  • CUSTOMIZED KEYSTAND WITH NAMEPLATE, fully assembled with 75 Bolted Metal Hooks and Nameplate with a kit for customizing labels
  • The kit contents: (1) Pre-printed 1-75 numbered labels, (2) 75 PVC labels use as the “BASE” for customize printable paper labels or write-on a text with a fine marker, (3) 2 sheets of 8.5” x11” with 100 printable self adhesive labels per sheet for printing the names or … (laser or inject).
  • Size: 30” x 23" x 2.25" with two hangers. This unit is very heavy, make sure that the hangers are mounted in stud (please check the size of your keys when you order).
  • FREE: 75 sets of Tag & Ring (no mounting hardware)
  • Made in the USA (built product MANUALLY on assembly line)

Details: GOT TOO MANY KEYS? ........ Now, it is time to customize your “NAMEPLATE” for your keystand. There are a few benefits of our Keystands with nameplate: Quick access, Easy inventory and control keys from distance, large space for each key or key set, Contemporary design and Made in the USA. Open design is an important benefit and gives you quick access to your keys instead of searching in a small crowded key box. Our Keystands with Nameplate are available with different quantities, sizes and patterns. These keystands are ideal for: SCHOOLS & UNIVERSITIES, BUILDINGS OR APARTMENT’S MANAGEMENT, COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL WAREHOUSES, VALET PARKING, CAR DEALERS, MECHANIC & BODY SHOPS, AUTO SERVICE & GAS STATIONS, TOW COMPANIES, FARMS, RAILROADS, BOATS, RENTALS (CAR-HOUSING-MACHINERY), REAL ESTATE AGENCIES, LABS, AIRPORTS, HOSPITALS, CHURCHES, FIRE STATIONS, HOTELS & RESTAURANTS, COURIER SERVICES, BUS & TRUCK TERMINALS, SPORT & GOLF CLUBS, FLEET CAR AGENCIES …… AND MORE!

EAN: 0705184246731

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