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Color: 8l/2.1 Gallons


  • With electrostatic paint. Stronger adhesion, not easy to fall and paint. The surface is smooth and shiny. The high-quality PP inner barrel is thick, durable, smooth and easy to clean.
  • The compact design of the trash can can save space, and the stylish appearance allows the trash can to be placed anywhere, such as the kitchen, living room, bedroom, shopping mall, office, etc.
  • Convenient opening and silent closing: Using the principle of leverage, the lid can be opened by simply stepping on the pedal. After release, the lid is slowly lowered, and the hydraulic technology makes the lid close slowly without noise.
  • Retro trash can metal trash can, electrostatic spraying, smooth and shiny surface. 3D three-dimensional pattern decoration, hand-printed, painted, presents exquisite, retro and beautiful decorative effects. Seal the lid to avoid odors and maintain a fresh and elegant home environment.
  • The metal bucket is painted to resist oxidation and can be placed in the bathroom for a long time, making it more durable and sanitary.

EAN: 3595305803199

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