Flos Climber 87 LED Wall Lamp Luminaire Applique for Outdoor IP65 - Black, 4000°K NEUTRAL LIGHT, Up & Down, 10° Spot


Brand: Flo's


  • Wall lamp luminaire Flos Climber 87 LED for outdoor IP65 Designed by Piero Lissoni 2017
  • Input voltage: 100-240 V
  • Length in mm: 175
  • Width in mm: 87
  • Depth in mm: 71

Details: Bi-emission and mono-emission versions pointing downwards. Aluminum die-cast body EN AB-47100, low copper content with asymmetrical optics housing: the optics in the lower part is retracted and protected by a shutter to restrict annoying glare and maximize visual comfort. In the bi-emission version, the glass of the closure of the upper optics is flush with the edge of the light in order to prevent water deposits. The micro-texturized glass diffusers are glued to ensure water resistance and textured to ensure a uniform light beam generated by each single LED, maintaining excellent luminous efficiency. High-resistance coating: after a sandblasting treatment of all components to make the surface porous and ensure a greater adhesion of the paint, the external coating is applied with a double layer with epoxy powders according to the QUALICOAT standard. The first layer of epoxy powder gives chemical and mechanical resistance, the second finishing layer of polyester powder ensures resistance to UV rays and atmospheric agents. The painted surfaces are treated with alkaline and acidic washes, then rinsed with demineralized water, subjected to a chemical conversion treatment to protect against oxidation.
It is recommended to use a connection system with a degree of protection greater than or equal to the degree of protection of the device.
Available in: white, grey, anthracite, black, deep brown.
Color temperature: 2700K, 3000K or 4000K .
Optic: Spot 10° or Flood 70°
Versions: Down, Up & Down
Climber Down: 7W 2700K 432 lm (70°) - 387 lm (10°) , 7W 3000K 468 lm (70°) - 419 lm (10°) , 7W 4000K 504 lm (70°) - 451 lm (10°)
Climber Up&Down: 12W 2700K 2x432 lm (70°) - 2x392 lm (10°) , 12W 3000K 2x468 lm (70°) - 2x425 lm (10°) , 12W 4000K 2x504 lm (70°) - 2x458 lm (10°)

EAN: 8053288360719

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