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Harbor Smart Package Locker

Luxer One

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Brand: Luxer One


  • Increase productivity of your staff by streamlining package delivery and distribution. All incoming packages delivered into the Harbor Smart Locker will automatically send a delivery notification to the recipient and they can pick up when they are ready! No more worrying about staff having to distribute packages during business hours. The Harbor Locker is open 24/7.
  • With contactless delivery on the rise, the Harbor Locker adds a layer of security between delivery and pick up. The Harbor Locker can accept anything that you need delivered, by anyone. FedEx, USPS, UPS and many more can walk up and make a delivery to the locker with a simple 4 digit access code. Recipients can sign up to receive packages to your Harbor Locker easily online, and manage their account and see delivery history easily and conveniently.
  • Plug in and go design allows use of the locker upon completion of quick 15 minute set up. No costly installation fees. Simply plug in to power and internet, and start using right away. We provide all the materials needed to get your carriers and recipients on board to use the locker..
  • On-Board Apple iPad touchscreen provides a user friendly, familiar interface to all users. Anyone that the system manager designates can easily deliver or pick up from the locker in a few easy steps that take seconds.
  • 1 year of service and support included in price. Simple manager access with our combo lock located at the top of the lockers, which allows management to manually open all of the lockers in one easy step. Internal Battery Back-Up allows electronic access to all of the lockers for roughly 5 hours in the event of a power outage.

Details: Harbor by Luxer One is a single tower smart locker designed to streamline package deliveries. The locker contains 15 compartments of varying sizes to accept any incoming package. Deliveries can be made by carriers directly, or placed in the locker by staff members with an easy 4-digit delivery code. Complete 1 delivery in less that 15 seconds. All recipients will receive a pick up code once a package has been delivered into a locker via email or text message. Pick up is easy with our on board iOS touchscreen. The Harbor Locker provides secure package delivery and easy 8 second pick up when the recipient is ready. Our service and support team is available for Harbor Locker in the event that technical assistance if it is ever needed. Designed in CA, and built in the USA. Our lockers are designed with security in mind with 12 gauge corrosion resistant steel and internal hinges on all doors.

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