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Algo Communication 3228 STATION PORT FXS DOORPHONE


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Brand: Algo


  • Integrates with analog phone (CO) line or phone system via an analog station (FXS) port or ATA
  • Digital speech technology provides superior voice quality
  • Single pair wiring between door station and controller for new or retrofit installations
  • Programmable relay inputs and outputs at controller and door station
  • Backlit call button with full duplex intercom (speak and listen at same time)

Details: The Algo 3228 FXS Station Port Doorphone is a telephone-integrated door and security gate entry intercom for visitor and guest communication. The Algo 3228 intercom integrates door opening control using the convenience of a telephone key pad for activation. The Algo 3228 is fully rated for outdoor use in commercial or residential applications. The Algo 3228 integrates with a CO line or telephone system via an analog station (FXS) port or ATA. The intercom is full duplex capable, featuring echo cancellers and adaptive noise reduction for superior voice quality compared to most analog systems. Convenient single twisted pair wiring to the door station enables fast and easy installation for a new system or retrofit/upgrade of an existing analog intercom. The 3228 door control relay can connect to any type of door release, gate activation system or access control panel. The intercom includes a 24 V 0.3 Amp power source for low power 24 V door strikes (customer provided). Additionally, there are low current programmable inputs and outputs at both control unit and intercom station for door sensing, door unlock switch, door unlock override, auxiliary call buttons, or telephone status such as ringing or in-use.

EAN: 7106224892100

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